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August 23, 2014 5:24 am

I walk. I talk. I shop. I sneeze. I’m gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back. There’s trees in the desert since you moved out, and I don’t sleep on a bed of bones.

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Elisabeth Moss for GAP Fall 2014 ‘Dress Normal’ Campaign

Elisabeth Moss for GAP Fall 2014 ‘Dress Normal’ Campaign

August 22, 2014 10:52 pm

So it was my last day with The Boy at work.

Except the fact that he sees me as a big sister it was really nice. I’m 8 years older than him and you can’t blame him for it. He isn’t mature enough to pass that point. But it was fun to have him around. And a challenge for my concentration not gonna lie.

Like he asked me for advices on how to approch a girl he sees every morning when he bikes to work. He is gonna buy croissants and give one to her one morning to engage conversation. I hate him so much.

Also we laughed a lot. Like I was in charge of the office for 2 hours today because boss and deputy boss weren’t there.  And some other coworkers told him “Behave or she will correct you." And he answered something like "OH YES ! I have been a bad boy. I need to be whipped.” And I died a little inside.


Oh ! Like yesterday I was sucking on my granita to, you know,.. ANYWAY He looked at me, and took a chupa chup out of his pocket and put it in his mouth like WHAT THE HELL MAN. This was me :


Also he asked me recommandations of shows to watch. I told him Sleepy Hollow and he was like WHAT ??? THEY ARE DOING A TV SHOW ??? And I died a little more. Also I recommanded Shameless. Mad Men. And Masters of Sex (because I like to tease to). And what did he answer ? “They are doing a show about me ?" So yeah you bet I called him on it PRETENTIOUS !!!!


Anyway, before leaving he wished me good holidays and I got my kisses on the cheeks.

I’m gonna miss him. We had a nice thing going on. I wished he was 10 years older. Then we could have been something. For real.


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Mad Men Challenge 
[5/9] Scenes
"Mystery Date" S05E04
Roger: Why are you doing this to me? 
Peggy: Because you’re being very demanding for someone who has no other choice. Dazzle me.
Roger: Fine.  How much you want?  
Peggy: How much you got?  
Roger: Four hundred dollars.  
Peggy: Gimme all of it.  
Roger: Jesus!  It better be good.  
Peggy: You want me to take your watch?

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